Minimising our impact on the environment and enhancing it where practical is central to our operations whether on a worksite or in the office.

Robson is focused on developing a culture of environmental responsibility to our workforce, establishing operational environmental excellence through minimising the impact of our construction activities and promoting energy efficiency and reducing waste.

With high expectations throughout the construction industry and from our customers, we promote ownership of our processes and mitigation measures through encouraging our workers to be innovative and involved in the management of the environment. 

Eliminating incidents and avoiding damage to the environment

Robson is focused on the elimination of environmental incidents. Requiring a high level of awareness we develop a risk based approach to minimising likelihood and impact of potential incidents.

Our processes include a requirement to critically assess and treat risks then examine the residual risks and the likelihood of those risks resulting. Additional controls to be adopted are identified to reduce those residual risks to an acceptable level.

Site Inductions, Toolbox Talks, Pre-Start and Performance Development Reviews

To increase the level of awareness and engagement around environmental initiatives, site inductions, toolbox talks and pre-start meetings are tailored to encourage work crews to raise environmental issues relevant to their project areas.

In addition managers are encouraged to include environmental KPIs for all employees within the company’s Performance Development Review process.

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