Hunter Correctional Centre

Cessnock, NSW

The Rapid Build Prison design provides a contemporary 400-bed dormitory-style maximum security centre accommodating sentenced male inmates.  The Short Term Correctional Centre is designed to have an operational life of 5 years and is expected to alleviate Corrective Services’ state-wide pressures and make NSW operations safer and more efficient.  Robson were engaged by the managing contractor Lendlease, to perform the civil works in Stage 1 totalling $15m as part of the Civil and In-Ground Works Package:

Scope of Work

  • Clearing Works
  • Site Remediation of 30,000t of Asbestos Contaminated Materials and 1000t of Restricted Solid Waste removed from site and remediated
  • 100,000m³ of Bulk Earthworks cut to fill including swales, 10,000m³ in medium to hard rock.
  • 40,000m² of Road Construction both internal of the prison fence and externally to allow access from the current main road
  • 3km of In-Ground Stormwater with a significant amount completed in hard rock excavation
  • Detailed Excavation
  • Carparks including Linemarking
  • 5000m² of External Concrete Hardstand, broom finish and joint sealed for heavy vehicle usage
  • 695 Screw Piles of varying depths up to 6.0m
  • 361 Bored Concrete Piers up to 1.8m depth underneath the building slabs
  • Building Platforms
  • Concrete walkways

Project Highlights

  • Robson offered a practical approach to onsite design changes and minor alterations in a short timeframe without impacting the program.
  • Onsite encapsulation of Asbestos Contaminated Fill significantly reduced disposal costs.
  • The use of screw piles as a substitute to bored piers resulted in a substantial reduction in program duration.

Buttonderry Waste Management Facility

Wyong, NSW

Excavation and lining of waste cells 4.2A and 4.2B for Wyong Shire Council.

Project duration for 4.2A was 10 months and 4.2B was 9 months at a combined project value of $7m.

Scope of Work

  • Clearing the site, stripping, stockpiling and replacing topsoil
  • Preparation of new VENM stockpile area to accommodate VENM excavation
  • Construction and maintenance of haul road and site access roads
  • Bulk excavation as necessary to develop the finished surfaces of the landfill cell and adjacent sedimentation pond
  • Filling, compaction and site grading to develop the finished surfaces of the landfill cell
  • Supply and installation of geosynthetic materials, including geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), high density polyethylene geomembrane, and geotextiles;
  • Supply and installation of groundwater drainage system
  • Supply and installation of leachate drainage gravel layer
  • Supply and installation of a leachate management system
  • Construction of surface water drainage works, including diversion bunds and drains
  • Excavation and filling works to create new sedimentation ponds
  • Desilting, filling and reshaping existing sedimentation leachate ponds
  • Supply and installation of high density polyethylene geomembrane within the leachate ponds

Tanilba Bay Revetment Wall

Tanilba Bay, NSW

The foreshore erosion along Tanilba Bay between Sunrise Pt and Rookes Pt had been a concern for the Port Stephens Council for some time, increasing in urgency as the foreshore was disappearing and threatening infrastructure.
Robson were engaged by the Council to carry out the erosion protection works with the construction of a revetment wall that was completed in March 2014.
Project duration of 6 months at a value of $0.5m

The Scope of Work

  • Excavation to design level
  • Placement of geotextile layer
  • Placement of 130kg Primary Armouring
  • Placement of 15kg Secondary Armouring
  • Plantation of Saltmarsh and Littoral Vegetation

Australian Defence Force Headquarters Joint Operations Command

Bungendore, NSW

Civil infrastructure works associated with construction of a new Defence Force Headquarters Joint Operations Command for Praeco Pty Ltd (Leighton Contractors).

Project duration of 14 months at a value of $11m.

Scope of Work

  • 200,000m³ of bulk earthworks
  • Dams, sediment ponds and water treatment ponds including pump structures and infrastructure
  • 5 kilometres of security jersey kerb
  • Over 12 kilometres of roads
  • 700 space car park
  • Railway underpass
  • Creek diversions

Project Highlights

  • Works were undertaken within an area of the densest concentration of Aboriginal artefacts in Australia.  As a result significant reprogramming and rescheduling was required to assist the client to progress the works.
  • An innovative design for a high security custom designed inner perimeter security concrete kerb was accepted at tender resulting in a saving to the client of over $500,000 and resulting in a superior finish in the final product.
  • Extensive use of additional local resources and machinery were utilised during the course of the project.