Narara Ecovillage

Central Coast, NSW

The Narara Ecovillage is a residential subdivision constructed for a co-operative of 140 members with a goal to develop a subdivision that was environmentally, socially and economically sustainable for members to reside in.

The project duration was 8 months with construction costs valued at $7.5m.

Scope of Work     

  • Clearing works
  • Bulk earthworks cut to fill
  • Pavement construction
  • Sandstone retaining walls
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Water reticulation and infrastructure to enable water to be pumped from a dam, treated and stored for re-use
  • Sewer reticulation and infrastructure for 500kL of sewer to be stored on-site and, treated and either reused as recycled water or wasted on other areas of the site
  • Electrical infrastructure which will enable power that is generated on-site (solar and batteries installed in the houses that are constructed) to be sold back to the Ausgrid network
  • Landscaping

Project Highlights

  • Construction of 500kL of In-situ concrete sewer storage tanks and infrastructure for the treatment and reuse of sewer to occur.
  • Construction of 450kL of storage for Potable Water and 120kL of Non-Potable Water (Recycled Sewer) and associated piping infrastructure.
  • Working with a client who was completing their first development and assisting to ensure effective designs were implemented across the site.

Fern Bay Manufactured Homes Village

Port Stephens, NSW

Robson was responsible for the construction of a residential mobile home park at Fern Bay near Newcastle on a 4.1 hectare site.

The project duration was 18 months with construction costs valued at $10m.

Scope of Work     

The residential subdivision and external road works to RMS specification consisted of:

  • Sandstone Block Retaining Walls
  • Sewer Reticulation
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • External Lead in Sewer
  • External Lead in Watermain
  • Potable and Recycled Water Supply
  • Erosion and Sediment Controls
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • 1500m of new bituminous & concrete roads
  • All lots are fully serviced for power, water, Telstra, pay TV, gas and sewer

Project Highlights

  • Accelerated occupancy of this new subdivision necessitated close coordination with building trades. Staged handover has provided the developer with accelerated access and has seen Robson being awarded Stages 2 & 3
  • With Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) prequalification, Robson were also responsible for the construction a new intersection on Nelson Bay Road to RMS standards

Moree Gateway Development

Moree, NSW

Robson were awarded this current project in January 2014 by Moree Plains Shire Council (MPSC).
Pictured alongside our delivery team are Mayor Cr Katrina Humphries and MPSC General Manager David Aber who attended the project launch sod turning ceremony on 2 February 2014. 

The Moree Gateway Project is designed to stimulate economic growth, create new jobs and ensure the future prosperity of the Moree Plains Shire by providing an iconic southern entry point to Moree. When complete the project will deliver access to commercial and light industrial land with Newell Highway frontage and close proximity to the airport.

The anticipated project duration is 12 months with construction costs valued at circa $10m.

Scope of Work

  • Intersection upgrade on the Newell Highway
  • Construction of 2900 metres of road pavement
  • Construction of new drainage channel and stormwater works
  • Installation of services including sewer, water main, electrical and telecoms
  • Landscaping and irrigation system

Magenta Shores Subdivision

The Entrance, NSW

Robson recently completed the construction of a 20 lot residential subdivision development adjacent to Magenta Golf Club & Resort.

The project duration was 3 months with construction costs valued at $1m.

Scope of Work      

  • Asphalt roads with roll kerb construction
  • Electrical reticulation
  • Potable watermain
  • Reclaim watermain
  • Sewer services
  • Bulk earthworks including the re-grading of lots

Project Highlights

  • The project required close liaison with Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club to ensure that our activities didn’t interrupt the experience of their members and visitors while on the golf course.
  • Dedicated access was provided to allow the players safe access throughout the course and the construction team ensured that players were given the right of way.

Gillieston Heights Subdivision

Maitland, NSW

Construction of 100-lot subdivision and intersection upgrade for Mirvac Pty Ltd.

Project duration of 18 months at a value of $8m.

Scope of Work

  • Major intersection upgrade and construction of 800 metres of dual lane heavy duty road pavement including new traffic signals and major utility relocations
  • Installation of traffic signals and street lights 
  • Construction of all roads and installation of services
  • Major utility relocation for high pressure gas, electrical and water mains
  • Underboring of roads for stormwater and sewer mains
  • 2.5km of lead in water mains (300mm diameter)
  • Construction of two large wetland ponds with controlled water level pits

Project Highlights

  • Major earthworks carried out in conjunction with Aboriginal heritage issues
  • Construction of large water quality ponds in an environmentally sensitive location
  • Construction of recycled water mains as part of subdivision works

Hidden Waters Subdivision

Fletcher (Newcastle), NSW

Construction of a 37 lot residential subdivision (Stage 6) on a 6.08 hectare site for client, Mirvac Homes (NSW) Pty Ltd.

Project duration of 9 months at a value of $2.5m.

Scope of Work

  • Works feature modern environmental goals of tree retention and are adjacent to an existing subdivision
  • Clearing, erosion and sediment controls
  • 51,600m³ bulk earthworks including 27,000m³ of mine rehabilitation works
  • 570m of new road (subgrades, drainage, kerbing, pavements, AC, concrete roads), and 360m firetrail
  • All lots fully serviced for power, water, telstra, pay TV, gas and sewer

Murray’s Beach Subdivision

Lake Macquarie, NSW

Construction of 77 lot residential subdivision spanning more than 9 hectares, across combined stages of development (including stage 11A & 12A) for Stocklands Developments Pty Ltd.

Project duration across combined stages of 20 months at a value of $6m.

Scope of Work

  • Clearing, erosion  and sediment controls
  • Over 14000m³ bulk earthworks
  • 690m of new road (subgrades, drainage, kerbing, pavements, AC, concrete roads) (stage 11A and 12A)
  • 250m of new fire trails
  • All lots fully serviced for water, power, Telstra, Pay TV, gas and sewer.

Project Highlights

  • The works featured modern environmental goals of tree retention and water quality lot treatment basins.
  • The expansion of the development was carried out in close consultation with existing home owners to minimise disruption and noise during the works

Woodbury Park Habitat Subdivision

Mardi, NSW

Construction of 120 lot residential subdivision incorporating extensive landscaping for Woodbury Park Estates Pty Ltd.

Project duration of 8 months at a value of $3m.

Scope of Work

  • Natural timbered floodplain 
  • 5 hectare quality water pond wetland to attract native flora and fauna 
  • Construction of 15,000m² of road pavements
  • 2,400m stormwater drainage
  • 2,200m sewer reticulation
  • 2,000m water reticulation

Project Highlights

  • Despite significant delays due to wet weather and design changes the project was successfully delivered on time

Kooindah Waters Resort

Wyong, NSW

Civil infrastructure works for construction of new resort complex on 90 hectares encompassing 252 residential lots, resort complex, community facilities and 18 hole golf course for CPG Investa.

Project duration of 17 months at a value of $25m.

Scope of Work

  • On-site pressurised sewerage system
  • Extensive ornamental lakes
  • Extensive site remediation works
  • Importation of 420,000m³ of sandstone fill
  • 200,000m³ cut to fill
  • On site blending of 100,000m³ to treat acid sulphate soil
  • 5 kilometres of roads constructed  

Project Highlights

  • By working with the designers, Robson changed the original retaining wall design realising a 50% reduction in the piling requirements
  • Two site boundaries border SEP14 Wetlands with all water from the development running into local catchment areas.  All water flows were continuously controlled on site to protect adjoining SEP14Wetlands
  • All stages delivered ahead of time and on budget