Oakdale WNSLR (Bridge Construction)

Erskine Park, NSW

Client: Goodman Property Group

Project Highlights

  • Robson therefore developed a number of innovative temporary works solutions, including a temporary bridge, to enable access into and between each of the three work areas for large plant such as 100t piling rig and 450t cranes.
  • Robson worked closely with the civil designers, structural designers and utility providers, including Endeavour Energy and Sydney Water to integrate a 300mm dia. Watermain and a series of HV electrical transmission lines into and across the bridge.
  • Robson have worked closely and continually with WaterNSW to eliminate any risks to the pipelines over which the bridge is being built. This involved rethinking methodologies to minimise the number of lifts over the pipelines, and building in multiple redundancies and factors of safety into each step of the process.
  • The bridge was constructed to RMS Specifications, B80 (Concrete for Bridgeworks) and B201 (Steelwork for Bridges).
  • The pipelines were originally excavated and placed within steep rock batters. Robson were required to excavate the rock material away from the pipelines for the piling and retaining wall works to be undertaken.

Project duration of 12 months at a value of $10m.

Scope of Work

Twin WaterNSW pipelines intersect the proposed West North South Link Road (WNSLR). Robson constructed a 55m long twin span bridge over these pipelines to carry two lanes of traffic in each direction. The pipelines that the bridge spans are a critical piece of infrastructure, supplying Sydney’s drinking water from Warragamba Dam.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Foundation piles of 1500mm dia. to depths of up to 18m;
  • Reinforced earth retaining walls up to 9m high at the bridge approaches;
  • 1200mm dia. circular columns up to 10m high;
  • Construction of headstocks on suspended formwork 10m above ground;
  • Installation of bridge bearings & expansion joints;
  • Installation of Super-T bridge girders (27m long) weighing 52t;
  • Pouring the bridge deck (1650m²);
  • Installation of precast concrete bridge barriers; and
  • Installation of steel railings & safety screens on the bridge barriers. 



Bulga – Haul Roads, Arches and Eastern Emplacement

Hunter Valley, NSW

Client: Glencore

Project Highlights

  • Installation of 70 20t arch segments and Spandrel wall segments over a three day rail shutdown (210 in total).
  • Bulk earthworks throughout an active mine site, managing interactions and mine wide traffic management plans.
  • Diversion of Nine Mile creek in two locations to allow construction of two new culvert crossings.
  • 60,000+ man hours LTI free.
  • Project co-ordination with four other contractors working in simultaneous operations.

Project duration of 12 months at a value of $21.8m.

Scope of Work

Construction of three arch bridges and new mine haul road for the re-alignment of Broke Road and associated dams.

Project completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Construction of 3 concrete arch bridges;
  • Bulk earthworks, with over 550,000m3 of fill;
  • Construction of three mine water dams with capacity of 20ML, 30ML and 15ML respectively;
  • Construction of Helcore culverts ranging in size from 750mm dia. to dual 3300mm dia.;
  • Construction of three RE wall structures, using standard panels and oversized spandrels over active rail line; and
  • Service relocations – Hunter River raw water feed (DICL Pipe), and rail signalling.


Southern Road Connection

Greystanes, NSW

Client: Boral

Project Highlights

  • Project required significant planning and co-ordination owing to the fact that within the scope of works boundaries were 3 separate certifying bodies: Roads and Maritime Services (RTA at the time) for the PLT, Holroyd City Council to the north of the PLT and Blacktown City Council to the south.  All works were completed and certified to the varying specifications within program and budget
  • Construction of 2 mid-bridge headstocks with bored cast in-situ piles within the floodplain of Prospect Creek with no environmental impacts or incidents.
  • Co-ordination and installation of 74 off bridge beams using a 350 ton mobile crane on three separate constructed crane pads to program and budget.
  • Access into the Sydney Water corridor is very strict and Robson had to ensure Sydney Water had confidence in Robson to not cause damage to the pipelines.

Project duration of 20 months at a value of $15m.

Scope of Work

Road works and bridge construction on Reconciliation Road and the Parramatta to Liverpool Transit way (PTL) associated with the redevelopment of the old Prospect Quarry.

The PLT, bridge and road construction was carried out adjacent to fragile Sydney Water assets where onerous vibration restrictions were placed on works in the area to mitigate risk of damage to critical infrastructure.

Robson’s were engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Raising of the existing Parramatta to Liverpool Transit Way Bridge by up to 2 metres;
  • Construction of 20m span bridge over an existing critical water main service;
  • 1.2km of new roads and drainage;
  • New signalised intersection; and
  • Installation of services; electrical, water, communication.



Mount Thorley Warkworth - Putty Road Third Crossing

Hunter Valley, NSW

Client: Yancoal Mt Thorley Warkworth

Project Highlights

  • 6 x 78.9t Girders installed with dual 300t crane lift.
  • Over 32,000 man hours worked with NIL Lost Time Injuries recorded.
  • Constructed to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Standards.

Project duration of 14 months at a value of $11.5m.

Scope of Work

The project was completed in 2018 on behalf of Yancoal Australia at their Mount Thorley operations located in the Hunter Valley of NSW. The mining lease is bisected by the Putty Road with mining operations undertaken on both sides of the Putty Road. The construction of the third crossing allowed coal and overburden haulage distances to be reduced between MTW North and MTW South mining leases.

Scope of works included:

  • Construction of a side track on Putty Road;
  • Design & Construction of a temporary sheet pile wall;
  • Construction of a single span bridge on Putty Road;
  • Installation of 58 no. bored piles (19m long x 1050mm dia.);
  • Excavation of material to U/S of haul road pavement level (235,338m³);
  • Shotcrete batter protection of embankments and piles (3,009m²);
  • Construction of mine haul road barriers; and
  • Ancillary works including rail safety barriers, pavement marking, signposting and vegetation.



Bridge Street Overbridge

Picton, NSW

Client: Tahmoor Coal Pty Ltd

Project Highlights

  • Existing bridge demolition and subsequent rail corridor cleanup completed successfully within a tight 40 hour rail possession timeframe with no impact to critical rail infrastructure.
  • Robson worked closely with the client’s designer and modular joint supplier to design, manufacture, import and install the modular expansion joint within a very tight timeframe.
  • All construction works (including precast girder installation) undertaken with no delay to the main southern rail line.
  • Over 9,000 man hours worked on the project with no first aid or medical treatment injuries incurred.

Project duration of 6 months at a value of $1.9m.

Scope of Work

Construction of a new single span concrete bridge spanning the main southern railway with associated road realignment including earthworks, road drainage and ancillary upgrades as well as demolition of the existing bridge under full track possession.

Robson were engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Bridge span comprised of pretension precast super-T girders supported by in-situ concrete abutments founded on reinforced soil wall footings;
  • Installation of a 9 piece modular expansion joint to allow for the anticipated axial movements of 230mm as a result of longwall mining 450m below surface;
  • 500m of new road construction to facilitate realignment following existing bridge demolition; and
  • Demolition of existing bridge in the single rail possession available for the project prior to the longwall mine passing underneath.