Cessnock Correctional Centre Stages 1 & 3

Cessnock, NSW

Client: Lendlease

Project Highlights

  • Robson offered a practical approach to onsite design changes and minor alterations in a short timeframe without impacting the program.
  • Onsite encapsulation of Asbestos Contaminated Fill significantly reduced disposal costs.
  • The use of screw piles as a substitute to bored piers has resulted in a substantial reduction in program duration.
  • Robson were commended by head contractor Lendlease for providing design innovation that resulted cost savings for the client.

Project duration of 26 months at a value of $23.2m.

Scope of Work

As part of the upgrades at the Cessnock Correctional Centre, Robson was engaged to complete Stages 1 & 3 of 3 packages of work to upgrade the complex.

Stage 1 included the construction of the Rapid Build Prison, the first of its kind in Australia, a 400 bed maximum security centre accommodating sentenced male inmates.

Stage 3 included the construction of a 240 bed expansion to the existing minimum security centre accommodating sentenced male inmates.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Clearing works;
  • Site remediation of asbestos contaminated materials;
  • Bulk earthworks cut to fill including swales;
  • Pavement construction, internal and external roads;
  • In-ground stormwater drainage;
  • Detailed excavation;
  • Carparks including linemarking;
  • Concrete hardstand, broom finish and joint sealed for heavy vehicle usage;
  • 361 bored piers up to 1.8m in depth underneath the building pads;
  • 695 screw piles of varying depths up to 6.0m; and
  • Building platforms.



Singleton Town Centre Upgrade

Singleton, NSW

Client: Singleton Council

Project Highlights

  • Despite the challenges of working alongside a number of other stakeholders in this constrained business hub, Robson’s activities are progressing well with minimal disruption to pedestrian and road traffic and local business operations.
  • Throughout the various stages of the works, Robson continues to take a proactive approach to liaise closely with the business and local community.
  • Community consultation was also carried out on urban and landscaping designs. 

Project duration of 10 months at a value of $5.7m.

Scope of Work

Robson have been engaged to revitalise the Singleton Town Centre to enhance the gateways from the highway as well to improve traffic flows and pedestrian activity.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Undergrounding of power, and connections of services to each individual premises;
  • Construction of new footpaths;
  • Construction of pavement, kerb and gutter works;
  • Construction of landscaping and irrigation works;
  • Installation of street lights, furniture, signage and other street features;
  • Adjustment / replacement of pits;
  • Storm drain re-lining; and
  • Establishment and implementation of community relations / interaction processes.



Speers Point Park Upgrade

Speers Point, NSW

Client: Lake Macquarie City Council

Project Highlights

  • Robson worked closely with LMCC to ensure the construction works were able to be constructed safely whilst maintaining public access to the park facilities.
  • LMCC’s environmental manager highly commended Robson’s proactive approach to managing erosion and sediment controls. During construction extreme weather events encountered and managed, within the environmentally sensitive work site and adjacent waterways / lake.

Project duration of 6 months at a value of $4.7m.

Scope of Work

The Speers Point Park is the city’s premier recreation space featuring open space, shared pathways, a paved promenade, a fenced dog exercise area and the all-abilities Lake Macquarie variety playground.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Bulk and detailed earthworks;
  • Pavement construction, internal and external roads;
  • Removal & disposal of contaminated materials;
  • Surface and subsurface drainage;
  • Construction and installation of park furniture and shelters;
  • Construction of amenities block;
  • Construction of shared cyclist/pedestrian concrete path;
  • Construction and installation of canary lighting structure; and
  • Revegetation and hard & soft landscaping.

The park also hosts the Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility. LMCC’s 100 year lease to Northern NSW Football at Speers Point Park provided Robson the opportunity to construct the nation’s largest and one of only two Football FIVE5 facilities in Australia. The project saw the construction of twelve dedicated pitches that are fully synthetic and under lights, providing visitors the ability to play day and night in all conditions.



Tuggerah Regional Sporting & Recreation Complex (Inc. Lake Road Upgrade)

Tuggerah, NSW

Client: Central Coast Council

Project Highlights

  • Project completed 3 months ahead of schedule and below budget.
  • Meeting the challenging logistics of procuring 330,000 tonnes of fill material to a tight budget while at the same time meeting the various milestone dates to enable other trades to commence installation of electrical and irrigation systems, floodlighting and playing surfaces.
  • Innovative solution for GSW material for beneficial re-use by CCC (via a specific exemption) in lieu of disposal fees.

Project duration of 20 months at a value of $15m.

Scope of Work

The project is located at 20 Lake Road, Tuggerah and included the construction of 9 sporting fields including 7 standard fields, 1 AFL field, 1 premier field plus a large carpark and upgraded 600m of road to service the facility.

To facilitate the works Robson were engaged to complete the following Scope of Works;

  • Site clearing & tree removal;
  • Grubbing & topsoil removal for some work areas;
  • Bulk earthworks including large import of fill (approx. 150,000m3);
  • Treatment, excavation and removal of Acid Sulphate Soils;
  • Lead in services for sewer, water, fire main and gas;
  • Installation of GPT & stormwater drainage;
  • Carpark & road pavement areas; and
  • Road asphalt and sealing works.



Buttonderry Waste Management Facility – Cell 4.3

Buttonderry, NSW

Client: Wyong Shire Council

Project Highlights

  • Design solutions for ballasting of cell wall liner on intermediate bench.
  • Savings to client through redesign and innovation.
  • Flexibility and cooperation with waste management staff to minimize adverse impacts of construction on day to day operation of the facility.

Project duration of 12 months at a value of $7m.

Scope of Work

Construction of new waste cell 4.3 including supply and installation of double liner system and leachate conveyance system.

Construct new access roads and upgrade site water management with construction of additional sedimentation dams and drainage structures.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Bulk excavation of 400,000m³ some of which was in rock;
  • Supply and install composite cell liner system using Geosynthetic clay liner, 2.0mm HDPE with geotextile protection layer;
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of leachate capture, storage and management system within cell;
  • Upgrade existing leachate storage ponds by increasing capacity and installing composite liner system;
  • Upgrade and construct new access and haul roads and associated drainage; and
  • Upgrade and construct new sediment control ponds.