Oakdale West North South Link Road

Erskine Park, NSW

Client: Goodman Property Group

Project Highlights

  • The project is considered a State Significant Development (SSD), Robson played an integral role in the development of a Construction Environmental Management Plan for project approval.
  • The project required in excess of 100,000 tonnes of import fill. The timing of this was critical to the project.
  • Robson were working directly alongside another civil contractor with crossing of work areas required. This was managed very well through the implementation of Vehicle Movement Plans.
  • The project is located within the catchment of Ropes Creek. Strict environmental guidelines were implemented, to ensure protection of Ropes Creek.
  • The Warragamba main water pipeline that provides 85% of Sydney’s water supply intersects the proposed WNSLR alignment. Robson are responsible for the construction of a new road bridge of this highly critical WaterNSW infrastructure. The new road and bridge facilitates access to the new industrial development.

Project duration of 12 months at a value of $34m.

Scope of Work

The Western North South Link Road (WNSLR) is an at-grade divided road approx. 1.3km in length with two lanes in each direction, providing a link between Oakdale West Industrial Estate, Lenore Drive to the north and the future Southern Link Road to the south.

A WaterNSW pipeline intersects the proposed WNSLR alignment, therefore a bridge is to be constructed over the pipeline. The road and bridge construction is being facilitated to service a future industrial development.

Robson’s scope of works included:

  • Site clearing and grubbing;
  • Topsoil Removal;
  • Bulk earthworks;
  • Pavement works;
  • Road sealing works;
  • Subsurface utilities;
  • Kerbing;
  • Stormwater & subsurface drainage;
  • Bridge construction over WaterNSW pipeline; and
  • Detailed excavation.



Upgrade of Sparks Road

Warnervale, NSW

Client: Roads and Maritime Services

Project Highlights

  • Mary Mackillop Drive Intersection Widening (completed on time) - 16/1/2014
  • Warnervale Town Centre Access (planned completion) - 7/10/2014
  • O/A Project Planned Completion - 27/4/2015

Project duration was 16 months with construction costs valued at circa $14m.

Scope of Work

This project was carried out for Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and is situated between Virginia Road and Hiawatha Road on Sparks Road in Warnervale, NSW.

Works on this busy section of Central Coast roads infrastructure requires the implementation of significant traffic management measures.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • A new signalised intersection for the Warnervale Town Centre access road;
  • Construction of existing 1.2 kilometres of roadway to a median separated dual carriageway standard;
  • Upgraded signalised intersection at Mary Mackillop School; and
  • Construction of 310 metres of retaining walls (up to 4.5m in height).



Sydney Metro Northwest (Station Precinct Civil Works)

Sydney, NSW

Client: TfNSW (NRTIJV & Georgiou)

Project Highlights

  • Pre-planning and mapping of the planned traffic switches/staging allowed optimisation of the planned staging to reduce the quantity of stages required reducing the overall works duration at each location.
  • Establishing relationships with all the key stakeholders is a strength of the Robson management team. This project was no different and considering the numerous and complex challenges faced, Robson were in a position to manage, develop and implement a solution on behalf of the client so that they could focus on the scope of works they were self-delivering.
  • Connection with the existing bus T-ways were successfully completed under live traffic (bus) conditions with zero interference.

Project duration of 16 months at a value of $24m.

Scope of Work

  As part of the Sydney Metro Northwest Rapid Transit Project, Robson performed a number of packages of works for both NRTIJV and Georgiou.

Norwest Station Precinct Civil Works (for NRTIJV) entailed the upgrade of Norwest Boulevard at the intersection with Brookhollow Avenue in Bella Vista and the upgrading of the roundabout to a signalised intersection.

Bella Vista Station Precinct Civil Works (for NRTIJV) entailed the upgrade of Celebration Drive, extended and realigned, staged and completed under live traffic conditions.

Sydney Metro Finishing Works (for Georgiou) entailed improvements to Winsor Road and Schofields Road, Rouse Hill.

Scope of Works;

  • Demolition of existing asphalt & concrete road pavements and footpaths;
  • Bulk Earthworks (incl. testing, classification, cartage and disposal of spoil);
  • Construction of stormwater drainage;
  • Traffic light design and installation;
  • Construction of deep lift asphalt pavements and concrete footpaths



Edderton Road Realignment

Muswellbrook, NSW

Client: BHP

Project Highlights

  • Over 20,000 man hours worked with NIL lost time or first aid injuries recorded.
  • NIL environmental incidents or dirty water leaving site recorded.
  • The client noted they were impressed with Robson’s ability to handover all Quality Assurance documents in a timely manner.
  • BHP noted they were extremely pleased with the way Robson delivered a high quality product with all commercial issues handled in a cooperative and collaborative manner.

Project duration of 12 months at a value of $20m.

Scope of Work

The project entails the upgrade and relocations of Edderton Road and the adjoining Denman Road intersection to facilitate the expansion of the Mt Arthur Coal Mine.

Robson have been engaged to complete the following scope of works:

Denman Road Intersection

  • Construction of new Denman Road Intersection;
  • Clearing & grubbing;
  • Bulk earthworks;
  • Drainage / subsurface drainage;
  • Pavement installation;
  • Extension of existing culvert on Denman Road; and
  • Landscape works.

Edderton Road Relocation

  • Tie in of new Edderton Road to existing Edderton Road;
  • Construction of temporary roads and laydown pads;
  • Clearing and grubbing;
  • Bulk earthworks;
  • Drainage and subsurface drainage;
  • Pavement installation;
  • Kerb installation;
  • Landscape works; and
  • Open drain installation.



Southern Road Connection

Greystanes, NSW

Client: Boral

Project Highlights

  • Project required significant planning and co-ordination owing to the fact that within the scope of works boundaries were 3 separate certifying bodies: Roads and Maritime Services (RTA at the time) for the PLT, Holroyd City Council to the north of the PLT and Blacktown City Council to the south.  All works were completed and certified to the varying specifications within program and budget
  • Construction of 2 mid-bridge headstocks with bored cast in-situ piles within the floodplain of Prospect Creek with no environmental impacts or incidents.
  • Co-ordination and installation of 74 off bridge beams using a 350 ton mobile crane on three separate constructed crane pads to program and budget.
  • Access into the Sydney Water corridor is very strict and Robson had to ensure Sydney Water had confidence in Robson to not cause damage to the pipelines.

Project duration of 20 months at a value of $15m.

Scope of Work

Road works and bridge construction on Reconciliation Road and the Parramatta to Liverpool Transit way (PTL) associated with the redevelopment of the old Prospect Quarry.

The PLT, bridge and road construction was carried out adjacent to fragile Sydney Water assets where onerous vibration restrictions were placed on works in the area to mitigate risk of damage to critical infrastructure.

Robson’s were engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Raising of the existing Parramatta to Liverpool Transit Way Bridge by up to 2 metres;
  • Construction of 20m span bridge over an existing critical water main service;
  • 1.2km of new roads and drainage;
  • New signalised intersection; and
  • Installation of services; electrical, water, communication.



Honeysuckle Drive Realignment & New Bridge

Newcastle, NSW

Client: HCCDC

Project Highlights

  • The project is located within the catchment of Cottage Creek. Strict environmental guidelines are currently being implemented to ensure NIL environmental incidents or pollution to Ropes Creek.
  • Robson’s completion of Milestones 1 and 2 exceeded the client’s expectations, with the remainder of the works progressing well and in accordance with the construction program.
  • Excavation works required strict environmental management measures including the implementation of a project Contamination & Waste Management Plan. This involves materials testing, sorting, relocation and tracking of materials to on-site containment cells.

Project duration of 9 months at a value of $8m.

Scope of Work

The realignment of Honeysuckle Drive is for the improvement of traffic flow and to assist with flood mitigation at Cottage Creek. Honeysuckle Drive will be widened, adding a soft median strip and the planting of street trees to the median strip.

Honeysuckle Drive will remain open during the works with the speed limit reduced over 400m of road during works. Vehicles will be temporarily diverted through Throsby Carpark, while pedestrians and cyclists will have a dedicated path to follow on the northern side of the temporary road.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Construction of two eastbound lanes between Hannell Street & Cottage Creek;
  • Extension of the left hand turning lane from Honeysuckle Drive onto Hannell Street;
  • A shared footpath on both sides of Honeysuckle Drive;
  • Removal & remediation of existing road surfaces;
  • Replacement of the road bridge over Cottage Creek; and
  • Ancillary works including kerb & guttering for the length of the new road, signs, linemarking, landscaping and environmental protection works.



Top Ryde City Access Roads & Tunnelling

Ryde, NSW

Regarded as one of the country’s largest retail redevelopments spanning 3.5 hectares, Robson undertook bulk excavations and construction of access roads and three vehicular tunnels for Bovis Lend Lease.

Project duration of 20 months at a value of $22m.

Scope of Work

  • Construction of 3 access tunnels into the redeveloped shopping centre using a roadheader 
  • Construction of the cut and cover structure including piling and structural concrete works.
  • Excavation under the cut and cover structure using a  roadheader
  • Roadworks including the construction of a new slip lane to Blaxland Road
  • Traffic signal works
  • Traffic switches to facilitate different stages of the works
  • Perimeter road and kerb works around the shopping centre

Project Highlights

  • Community liaison was carried out in conjunction with the client as the site was adjacent to multiple offices and schools.