Magnolia Estate

Hamlyn Terrace, NSW

Client: A V Jennings

Project Highlights

  • Savings to client through innovative re-use of earthworks material.
  • In excess of 50,000 man hours worked on the project with NIL safety incidents recorded.
  • Importing of fill material up to 5,000t/day.
  • Construction of five cell box culvert creek crossing at only entry to project whilst still maintaining site access.
  • All stages delivered ahead of time and on budget.

Project duration of 36 months at a value of $28m (3 Stages).

Scope of Work

The Magnolia Estate is a 144 lot Greenfield subdivision located just northeast of Wyong. The development site is well located in proximity to school facilities and the Wyong Public Hospital.

The project was rolled out over a 3.5 year period (3 stages) and involved the provision of roads, servicing, parkland, stormwater management and residential lots.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Clearing and grubbing of site;
  • Bulk earthworks (52,000m³);
  • Modification and installation of drainage structures, watermain and sewer reticulation;
  • Road pavement construction of new intersection and modification to existing access;
  • Fix cell box culvert creek crossing;
  • Construction of retaining walls; and
  • Landscaping and signage.



Latitude One Active Lifestyle Resort Stages 1 - 9

Anna Bay, NSW

Client: Ingenia Communities

Project Highlights

  • The construction of lead in service infrastructure for the development including over 600m of under boring below RMS roads and creeks.
  • The construction of a new RMS intersection along Nelson Bay Road including amendments to overhead power and street lighting.
  • 40,000m³ of preload fill and monitoring plates placed over areas in need of consolidation and monitoring.

Project duration of 24 months at a value of $16.7m.

Scope of Work

The project entails the construction of a new 218 lot over 55’s lifestyle resort located at Anna Bay in the Port Stephens Local Government Area.

Set on a 30Ha parcel of land, the facility also included construction of an array of resort facilities including a resort-style pool, clubhouse, wellness centre, gym, business centre, bowling green and cinema.

To facilitate the works Robson were engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Lead in hydraulic works including gravity sewer, sewer rising main, fire, potable water and under boring;
  • Extensive earthworks (145,000m³);
  • Internal roads construction (25,000m²);
  • Nelson Bay Road Intersection including new turning lane onto new access road (constructed to RMS specification);
  • Footpaths construction;
  • Drainage construction;
  • Signage and linemarking;
  • Sewer/water reticulation;
  • Electrical reticulation (including ASP1 works on Nelson Bay Road); and
  • Landscape works.



Kooindah Waters Resort

Wyong, NSW

Client: Investa

Project Highlights

  • By working with the designers, Robson’s changed the original retaining wall design realising a 50% reduction in the piling requirements.
  • Two site boundaries border SEP14 Wetlands with all water from the development running into local catchment areas.  All water flows were continuously controlled on site to protect adjoining SEP14Wetlands.
  • All stages delivered ahead of time and on budget.

Project duration of 17 months at a value of $25m.

Scope of Work

Civil infrastructure works for construction of a new resort complex on 90 hectares encompassing 252 residential lots, resort complex, community facilities and an 18 hole golf course.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • On-site pressurised sewerage system;
  • Extensive ornamental lakes;
  • Extensive site remediation works;
  • Importation of 420,000m³ of sandstone fill
  • 200,000m³ cut to fill;
  • On site blending of 100,000m³ to treat acid sulphate soil; and
  • 5 kilometres of roads constructed. 



Waterford Estate

Chisholm, NSW

Client: AVID Residential Estates

Project Highlights

  • Robson worked closely with our client AVID, to ensure key dates were adhered to and met. This involved staging works in a manner that access could be provided and certain areas of the development could be completed ahead of others.
  • Robson managed to complete addition separable portions within the original time frame resulting in a financial benefit for our client.

Project duration of 9 months at a value of $9.7m.

Scope of Work

Robson has been engaged to undertake the bulk earthworks and civil infrastructure works associated with new subdivision lots located at Waterford Estate, Chisholm.

Robson scope of works includes:

  • Site clearing and grubbing;
  • Topsoil removal
  • Bulk earthworks;
  • Pavement works;
  • Road sealing works;
  • Kerbing;
  • Signage and linemarking;
  • Pedestrian and cycle paths;
  • Road furniture;
  • Services including stormwater, water, sewer, electrical & NBN;
  • Construction of waste water pump station;
  • Detention Basins;
  • Detailed excavation works and retaining walls; and
  • Landscaping and Rehabilitation works.



Madison Rise Estate

Woongarrah, NSW

Client: Allam Property Group

Project Highlights

  • The client was greatly impressed with Robson’s performance, Robson have been awarded Stage 2 of the development and are currently directly negotiating the last stage (Stage 3) of the project, which will commence immediately after completion of the current stage.

Project duration of 12 months at a value of $10m.

Scope of Work

The project entailed the construction of a 106 lot subdivision completed over 3 stages, including road construction to a portion of Mataram Road adjoining the estate and remediation works along neighbouring boundaries including an existing school carpark.

Madison Rise Estate will have easy access to schools, shopping centres, Warnervale train station, the pacific motorway, and is in close proximity to nearby beautiful lakes and beaches.

Robson was engaged to complete the following scope of works:

  • Bulk earthworks (33,000m³);
  • Road construction (9,000m²)
  • Drainage construction;
  • Signage and linemarking;
  • Sewer/water reticulation;
  • Site regrading and remediation works;
  • Retaining wall construction (1,500m²);
  • Electrical reticulation;
  • NBN pit & pipe installation including coordination of gas; and
  • Landscape works.